Good Customer Service?

I bought my 3G iPhone the day it came out, about six months ago.

It was my second.

I managed to rationalise the guilt of yet another gadget purchase because it was effectively a free upgrade. I already owned a first generation iPhone, but since it wasn’t subsidised I could break my O2 contract early.

A new contract would entitle me to a free iPhone if I spent £45 a month with O2, giving me some daft number of inclusive call minutes and texts, and of course unlimited data & free use of the ubiquitous Cloud wifi in the City. This seemed reasonable, and there was the added bonus of some free money when I sold my first iPhone on eBay.

Not a bad deal, I thought – except £45 a month now seems a bit steep. So I dug into the terms, and read that I could downgrade to a cheaper tariff part-way through my contract.

I called O2 today and asked about this. After instantly anwering the call, a friendly lady said that I couldn’t downgrade until 9 months into my contract (half-way), from my March bill date.

Oh, I thought, I’ll put an entry in my calendar to call back in March. I was about to hang up when said friendly lady suggested she “diarise the change”. What’s this? “I’ll schedule the change to your account for March, and you’ll get a confirmation email before your bill date to remind you. Call at any time if you change your mind.”.

I’ve had issues with O2’s coverage and call quality, but if this works as expected, I’ll be pleasantly surprised – most mobile phone firms have notoriously bad customer service. Of course the free chocolates O2 Customer World sent me as a Christmas present didn’t harm their brand either…