Easy Backup?

My main ‘PC’ at home is a Macbook. It’s generally on my lap in front of the TV, and only generally sits on my desk for charging. It’s always connected to the internet, but virtually always via wifi – almost never plugged in with a cable. In my house, I have always-on storage in the form of a Readynas NV+.

My requirements for backup are:

  • It happens without me thinking about it
  • At least daily schedule
  • Backup deferred until I next wake the laptop
  • Selected backup (not whole hard drive) – ideally with varying frequency of backup for certain files
  • Automatic versioning of files I change (and delayed deletion of things I delete)
  • Offsite storage of critical data (which should be encrypted with my own key)

My ideal would be to backup my laptop to the NAS, and from there to take selective data (photos, documents, etc) and upload it somewhere online.

I’ve not really come up with a good way of doing this, so for now I use Jungle Disk, which at least gets all my important data to an Amazon S3 bucket. This is a good solution, but often means remembering to leave my laptop on for hours after taking a batch of photos so they upload to Jungle Disk. I’m not nerdy enough (almost, but not quite) to write an rsync script that runs in my desired ‘lazy’ scheduled way to get my data to the ‘intermediate’ step before uploading.

Any suggestions welcome!