Current Cost

My Current Cost CC128 arrived yesterday, an eagerly awaited treat after my day at Home Camp ’08.

It’s already producing surprising data – when I got up this morning, the house seemed to have an ‘ambient’ power consumption of 278 watts, which seems pretty high, but I think the boiler was whirring away at the time.

As I sit here, with some lights on and various other bits and pieces, it’s reporting 674W, or £2.26/day at this rate of consumption.

The real value of the Current Cost though is the cable for attaching to a PC, so you can capture and report on the data. Not being too much of a coder, it’s going to be a bit of an adventure – the CC just outputs chunks of XML every 6 seconds, but handily there’s tons of good work out there to ‘borrow’.

I’m hoping to produce some graphs a bit like these, or even better make the lights on Corneliuss, my Nabaztag light up according to how much we’re using!