I first heard about Doubletwist around a year ago, and never really expected it to turn into a real product, but it entered into public beta (on the Mac, at least) this week.

It’s slogan is ‘All your stuff, on all your devices, with all your friends — in seconds’. It’s a media manager that seems to have a pretty good UI, and on the Mac mimics somewhat the Finder or iTunes sidebar, showing your music, photos and videos. It also has a ‘friend feed’ for you to see what your Doubletwist friends are playing (or sharing), and you can upload media to Youtube, Flickr and Facebook. Surprisingly, you can even share tracks you’ve bought from iTunes with your friends.

The most impressive feature is that of copying your media (including DRM-protected content, such as purchased iTunes songs). A pretty large set of devices are included, counting Nokia phones, Blackberries, Windows mobile, Android and the PSP – oddly iPod and iPhone sync support is only available in the PC version.

Sync is as simple as it could be – just drag the media you want on to your device, and any encoding or translation is done on the fly.

Whilst some of the more extreme DRM-ripping features have been removed since the initial concept came about last year, and the media playing features aren’t that great yet, it looks like an interesting tool to keep an eye on.