Networks and communities

I recently listened to a series of lectures from Warwick Business School on the way communities can be built within large organisations, as distinct from the management hierarchy / team structure. They cover some interesting ground, looking at how communities can give significant competitive advantage by creating strong networks of information sharing both within and beyond organisational boundaries. There are also some cautionary notes in terms of how communities need to be nurtured and ingrained into the character of a firm or other organisation, but without overt management influence.

The lectures are recordings of sessions held at WBS, outlining research work they’re undertaking. I took a few modules on organisational behaviour as part of my degree at Warwick, and it’s something I have quite a personal interest in – unfortunately it’s not necessarily been reflected in the places I’ve worked. I’m hopeful that’ll change in the future.

You can find the lectures on iTunes U – I think they’re definitely worth a listen, though they might be a little dry for some people!