Zombie power

In a thrilling final installment in my current (no pun intended) obsession with power consumption at home, I took some time to go around the house switching things off and on to get an idea of where power is still being used despite things being notionally ‘off’.

In a pretty unscientific experiment, I turned off everything in the house except the Current Cost meter, then went around switching things on and noting roughly how much power they use. Curiously, with nothing on except the meter, it was still showing around 60W of consumption. I’m not sure where this is coming from, but it’s constant.

Here’s the list of devices around the house that I measured:

Fridge     50W (when running)
Sky        30-50W
NAS        65W (on 1600-midnight weekdays, 24hrs weekend)
Mac mini   20W
Airport    4W
Router     5W
Xbox 360   10W
Wii        5W (in 'red' standby, 10W in 'amber')
TV         5W
Xbox       5W
Amp        5W
Subwoofer  5W
Phone      5W (two cordless chargers)
Laptops    2W (two chargers)
Mobiles    1W (two chargers)
Boiler     2W
Microwave  3W
Appliances 2W (oven / dishwasher / washing machine)
Pong clock 3W

So this highlights mostly that we have too many gadgets. I reckon we could save about 40W by completely switching off some of the stuff in the living room when it’s in ‘standby’. Assuming usage of 4 hours per day and the rest of the time on standby, at roughly 20p per kWh, we’d save nearly £60 a year by switching them off – definitely worth investing in a ‘standby saver’ adapter, I think… Or just getting rid of the gadgets!