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Spanning Sync

With a plethora of devices and services, it’s a challenge to keep everything in sync. Since long before having an iPhone, I’ve wanted to keep my calendar and contacts in line across my phone, my laptop and an online service for when I’m at work.

The iPhone is great for keeping my phone in sync – every time I plug it in, it all updates… But adding calendar events with notes, or changing a series of addresses can be a hassle, and I like to have my data backed up online, and also easily accessible on a computer when I’m at work or otherwise away from my laptop.

For quite a while now I’ve been using Spanning Sync. This syncs my calendars and contacts from my Mac to Google. It’s entirely seamless – to the point that I regularly forget it’s even there. I don’t remember ever having problems with it doing bad things to my calendar, which is no mean feat.

If you’ve got a Mac (or more than one), you want to get your calendar/contacts synchronised between them, and don’t want to pay for .MacMobile Me, I can’t recommend it enough. It costs $25 for the first year and $15 thereafter normally, but they also offer a programme called ‘Save 5, Make 5′, where referrals have a $5 discount, and I get $5 for the referal too. Everyone’s a winner!